About Isabelle

Isabelle (11/1/01 - 3/15/19)

We are Isabelle’s 4th known home. She was surrendered to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society at 8 years of age for eliminating out of her litterbox. She is a very sweet cat and had lived with dogs so she sounded like a perfect fit for our house. Before we brought Isabelle home we scheduled a behavior consultation with Vonnie Keebaugh of Cat Sense. We wanted to understand how we could help Isabelle integrate smoothly into our household. I am happy to report that Isabelle has been 100% successful in using the litterbox in our home. She is a wonderful cat and loves to snuggle.

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My husband & I came to Jody after going through several trainers & having less-than-desirable experiences. No one seemed to relate or understand our 7-year-old German Shepherd mix, Mya, until we met Jody. Mya's biggest issue is dog aggression & issues with strangers, mainly men. This has been a...

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