• Seminars can be done for any size group and on any topic. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Previous topics I have given seminars on have included:
  • Communicating With Our Human Clients
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog-Dog Behavior & Interactions
  • Training for Humane Societies & Rescue Groups
  • Aggression – How To Treat & When To Treat
  • The Benefits Of Pets For Older Adults
  • Speaking fee is $160 per hour plus travel time. Please contact Jody to discuss your specific needs.

Comments From Seminar Attendees:

  • 5 stars! Jody was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed her seminar!
  • The visuals were great and I really like Jody’s honesty and objectivity.
  • Jody was clear, well spoken, organized and maintained good energy and focus.
  • The mix of verbal information along with the pictures and videos flowed nicely. I got lots of helpful information.
  • The seminar was fantastic! Practical and useful information. Great videos and explanations.
  • The breadth and clarity of information and visuals was balanced and very helpful. I love Jody’s consistent praise with humans and canines.
  • I never got bored, not even for a moment. Jody was organized and kept things moving at a good pace. The sub-topics flowed very well.
  • The seminar was thought provoking and insightful. It was filled with information that was easy to understand and relative to every dog owner, covering an array of topics in depth. Jody was very diligent and respectful of the attendees’ needs and time. I had an enjoyable learning experience.
    Cathy Lehrer-Franzen
  • We contracted with Jody as a presenter for our educational activities during our Entlebucher Mountain Dog National Specialty. I was so impressed with Jody! We hired her for her expertise, positive approach to problem solving and getting results in dog training… we received so much more. Jody took the time and made the effort to prepare relevant, powerful information that was personalized for the needs of our group. As a co-chair for the event I found Jody flexible, helpful and easy to work in putting together her program. I was able to watch and receive feedback from participants that she was a popular presenter because she was so easy to talk to, versatile, patient and dynamic in working with a variety of owners and their dogs regarding behavior questions and challenges. Jody offered great insights and observations while giving people wonderful hints and tips to improve their relationship with their dog. I received many compliments and thank yous for bringing her to our event and would highly recommend her services!
    Joyce MacKay National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association 2012 Specialty Co-Chair
  • We hired Jody to come to our clinic and teach our staff about K9 body language. Last year we had 9 bites occur to our staff and we really wanted to improve that in 2013. Jody’s presentation was geared to our clinic and situations that we would be in on a daily basis. We learned so much from Jody and can now see things from the dogs perspective. There are so many little things that our employees can now pick up on to improve the situation BEFORE it escalates to a warning bite. So many employees thanked me for bringing her in and the best part is we are bite free for the last 5 months. I would highly recommend Jody to all veterinary clinics, shelters and teaching facilities. We will have her back in the future for refresher courses as needed; it is a priceless investment.
    Jennifer Schloss CVT Animal Hospital of Oshkosh