“After recommending Jody for several years, I was privileged to meet her in person when our most recently adopted dog proved to be more challenging than expected. As a rescue dog, Sabine appeared to be poorly socialized and was fearful of anything or anyone new. As a veterinarian, I’ve seen what can happen when behavioral issues are ignored, and I did not want Sabine’s fear to progress to aggression. When I contacted Jody, I wasn’t even sure any positive changes could be made. However, I felt Sabine deserved the chance and also felt Jody was our best hope for achieving our goals. After three sessions with Jody, I am happy to report that Sabine is braver, more responsive, more engaged with our family, and more affectionate. I found Jody to be skilled at working with Sabine, as well as teaching me the tools we can use at home to make her life with us better and safer. Jody supplied us with handouts, homework, and suggested reading materials, all of which were very useful. By our third session, Sabine was comfortable greeting Jody and even getting pushy for some of her delectable treats – a far cry from the aloof dog we started with. I am grateful that we have a knowledgeable resource like Jody in the community and will happily continue to refer any patients and families who need any behavioral help to Pawsitive Directions!”

Jennifer Grota, DVM

“Finley had Thanksgiving with 15 – 31 people, ages 3-89 at our house. He was a ROCKSTAR! Your ideas of how to introduce him when people arrived were perfect. He instantly realized what we wanted him to do. He was calm, gentle and perfectly playful. He exceeded our expectations in every way! Thank you so much for working with us to create this amazing pup. You are really an expert and your help is so appreciated.”

Diane M. Galow

Thank you Jody for working with my dog Carmen and I on her barking issues while being crated at trials. After following Jody’s recommendations, Carmen stopped barking and is relaxed and quiet while people and dogs pass by. I can not say enough about Jody’s knowledge and methodology. She is great! She is compassionate and easy going. Her caring way of solving problems makes her unique.”

Eva Kaplan

“Jody, I thought you would be happy to hear that our Lola and Winnie are doing well together. We never had another biting incident. Your suggestions have made a positive environment where both of our dogs can coexist together in harmony.”

Annette and Scott Haag

“Our two English Cocker Spaniels mean the world to us, so when our puppy was starting to exhibit some aggressive behavior we became a little alarmed to say the least. We knew that we could never imagine not having her in our lives, so we knew we had to seek help right away. It was not only important to us that the issues were resolved, it was also very important that it was done with positive methods. After one session with Jody she gave us the tools we needed to turn around her behavior, in a very positive fashion. Jody came into our home and took a complete history on all of our pets and saw how we interacted with our puppy, as well as how she interacted with the other pets in the household. Jody was able to point out what to watch for and give us tools to correct the problem behaviors. As a Veterinary Technician I would recommend Jody with great confidence to my clients, as well as my family and friends. She is an excellent trainer who has a great knowledge of canine behavior, who is also a pleasure to work with.”

Kelly Butkiewicz, Certified Veterinary Technician

“Hi, My family and I just wanted to take a minute and thank Jody for her help with regards to our 1-2 year old Beagle/Pitbull mix pup. Elvis came from a humane society via Tennessee and was a great addition to our family except for one drawback; Elvis had very bad separation anxiety, likely from being transferred from one home to another and being shipped from one state to another in a kennel. Elvis was very obedient and ready to please, however when we would go from one room to another or run to the store, Elvis would howl, be destructive and pace constantly while messing on the floor. In addition, to it being a frustration to come home to a destroyed house, it pained us to see him in this much distress. Contacting Jody for help not only provided insight into how to resolve Elvis’s problem, it gave us hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel for Elvis to become a balanced animal. I am glad to report that after implementing a strategy designed by Jody, Elvis is on his way to being a very happy and content pup. If you are a dog lover who needs a little or a lot of help with dog behavior issues, consider seeking help from Jody. I have had other dogs and while I cared for all of them immensely, Elvis is unique amongst my other dogs. It is sad to think that he was given up by his previous owner/owners due to his struggle with separation anxiety. With Jody’s guidance we were able to help him become the dog we knew he could be. I am glad we contacted Jody for help as Elvis would still be struggling with his issues and we would likely still be pulling our hair out.

Side note: Please consider a humane society dog or a rescue dog when looking for a family addition. I have had all kinds of dogs. Elvis, coming from the humane society and a mixed breed, seems to be unique in ways I cannot explain in this forum. Loyal, intelligent, obedient and oddly appreciative to being given an opportunity to become a family / pack member. Thanks Jody “

Shawn, Vicki, Elvis and Family.


“Jody went above and beyond to help our rescue group with training issues. Her honest and realistic approach to training was appreciated immensely. She assessed the situation with great expertise and her vast knowledge of behavioral issues, patience and professionalism was beyond impressive. We highly recommend Pawsitive Directions to anyone in need of training assistance, and look forward to working with Jody in the future!”

Jennifer Vander Vorst, Director, Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin, Inc.


“I would recommend Jody to anyone! We can’t believe the difference in Tucker. He used to react to garbage trucks, the mailman and many other things. Now he just lays down and looks to us for direction. It is like night and day. Thank you for bringing peace and quiet back to our house.”

Warren, Carol and Tucker Seager


“I adopted Lily from Turkey, in Aug 2015 with basically no training and of course not understanding any English. We took Jody’s Basic Manners class and then Basics and Beyond, and I am proud to say I have an amazing dog. Jody has a great way of not only teaching how to get the response you want but explains why we want the response and when to use it. I remember a few times thinking “why would I need to teach my dog to stand for a treat?” but when she explains the many times having your dog in a standing position is useful, it became clear. So often I will be walking my dogs and I can hear Jody say “have a party right there!” That means reward! I would highly recommend Jody for any training issues or just getting your dog socialized. I love her laid back approach and the care she takes to not push or stress the dogs or handlers, we all learn at our own pace. I’m so glad Lily and I headed to a “Pawsitive Direction”!”

Lisa Gyr and Lily


“Last August we adopted a rat terrier named Cheech from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. He came from a high-kill shelter in Milwaukee. We had no history on him, except that he was a stray with some treasure guarding. We met with Jody 3 times and took her Basic Manners class. Cheech has become a very sweet and trusting dog. He is initially a little shy with new people but warms up fairly quickly. He is an eager learner and will do anything for treats. Jody gave us many handouts that were very helpful. With Jody’s help, his treasure guarding is much improved. She is a very patient teacher and Cheech just loves her. We would highly recommend Jody!!”

The Lautenschlagers
Jerry, Jane, Nick and Alex


“Last August we adopted a rat terrier named Cheech from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. He came from a high-kill shelter in Milwaukee. We had no history on him, except that he was a stray with some treasure guarding. We met with Jody 3 times and took her Basic Manners class. Cheech has become a very sweet and trusting dog. He is initially a little shy with new people but warms up fairly quickly. He is an eager learner and will do anything for treats. Jody gave us many handouts that were very helpful. With Jody’s help, his treasure guarding is much improved. She is a very patient teacher and Cheech just loves her. We would highly recommend Jody!!”

The Lautenschlagers
Jerry, Jane, Nick and Alex


“Jody is by far the most educated and compassionate person I know in dog training today. Not only is she extremely competent in what she does, but she is knowledgeable in nutrition and cares not only about the dog in training but the owners also. She is extremely honest in her opinions to all concerned. Aurora Kennel highly recommends her.”

Arlene V. Mueller


“We thank you for helping us to work with our rescue Coco this summer. She has become a very beloved family member and is doing quite well in our home.”

Rachel Recibe, Coco and family


“A big THANK YOU for the work you did with Haylee. She has come so far since we picked her up as a rescue. You really knew how to help our troubled little girl. She is now a well adjusted member of our family and the love of our lives. Kudos to you for all of your help.”

Kris Albright


“Thank you for helping our family in coming to the decision to rehome our dog. As difficult as it was, we now have a dog who is a much better fit for our family and our lifestyle. As hard as the decision was, we are all happier. Our previous dog is now in a home that is more suited to his personality, and our new addition is fitting in beautifully. We appreciate your support, your compassion and your understanding.”

Lisa G.


“Jody was fantastic with us. I thank her daily for helping us with our challenging Westie. Cassie is truly a love bug now. Thank you Jody for your expertise and saving our little darling!”

Verna and Cassie Kreutz


“It has been almost a year since we’ve seen you and I am pleased to share that Otis has turned into a very, very good boy. With your help and direction he has been a joy to be around.”

Felicia Eckert


“I am so glad that we took one of your Manners classes.You really helped me to become a better owner. I find myself setting up and practicing in advance for situations that could happen. We can’t wait to learn more!”

Meghann and Boomer Kerstell


“Hobbie and I want to thank you for all of the fun we had this summer training with you. My little guy really came out of his shy shell with your help. Since training with you we have gone on to earn our CGC and we competed in a Free Style Dance contest. You helped us to learn to overcome things that were scary for Hobbie in a super positive way.”

Barb Kamp and Hobbie


“I loved Jody’s manners class! The small class size and her wiliness to work with each dog’s strengths and weaknesses meant we had a very personalized, tailored experience in a class environment. My dog is very hesitant about new people, but by the end of the session he was greeting Jody like a new best friend – and for him, that is no small feat! I learned so much more than tricks and behaviors in Jody’s class; I learned what my dog was capable of and also what I was capable of as his handler! It was a great experience, and one that I frequently recommend to friends and clients alike.”

Diana Gadzinski, CPDT-KA & Rowan, Wags-N-Woofs, LLC


“Our Golden Doodle, Murphy, attended Jody’s small group classes. We also had private training in our home to address specific behavioral issues – all very reasonably priced and successful! Jody was able to patiently instill the practical confidence we needed to say “I think I can, I think I can”…..and we really could! Murphy went on to complete his AKC canine Good Citizen and his Therapy Dog Certification. We visit a local nursing home every day and the residents’ faces just light up when they see Murphy. Because of Jody we were able to raise a happier, healthier and better behaved dog.”

Tom & Joyce Griffin and Murphy


“My husband & I came to Jody after going through several trainers & having less-than-desirable experiences. No one seemed to relate or understand our 7-year-old German Shepherd mix, Mya, until we met Jody. Mya’s biggest issue is dog aggression & issues with strangers, mainly men. This has been a challenging issue, to say the least, but Jody jumped right in & has helped Mya make amazing progress with the use of positive reinforcement & gentle methods. We’ve had several private training sessions with Jody & will continue to use her in the future. My husband & I have complete confidence in her abilities & knowledge & would highly recommend her to anyone needing a trainer and/or behaviorist. We’re so thankful that we found her, she’s the best!”

Karey & Brian Boerst & Mya


“Thank you Jody for all of your amazing lessons and tips with training. Everything you taught just flowed from one step to the next, right from the start. We began puppy classes and continued the classes, and now Apollo has easily passed Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs-Inc, and is a certified Reading Education Assistance Dog, as well as an amazing pet! We didn’t even realize at the time that what we were learning could be applied to all of these expectations at different levels. From “drop it” and “leave it” to “handling manners” and “place” along with everything in between, the lessons just flowed so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jody.”

Pam Lippold


“I am very grateful to Jody for all of the help that she gave Dewey and I. I rescued Dewey when he was 1.5 years old, after he spent 3.5 months at the shelter. I knew that he was excitable, and longed to have companionship. I didn’t realize how little he had been socialized and how fearful he was of almost everything. Instead of showing his fear through flight, he would bark and lunge at people.

Jody’s assessment, suggestions, hand-outs and encouragement made all the difference. She encouraged me to consider having Dewey take Prozac. She pushed me to use a head collar, to work within Dewey’s limitations, to give him positive experiences. Jody was/is sincerely interested in Dewey and my progress. She thanked me for the updates. She has been so supportive.

Once spring comes, I plan to show Dewey doing his tricks on YouTube. I would encourage other dog owners to work with their dogs, to learn with them, and to take advantage of Jody’s assistance.”

Joan McAuliffe


Dear Jody,

“When I first got Kenny from OAHS, I planned on at least taking him to basic puppy class and that being about it. That is all I had taken my last dog to and it worked out fine. However, the best laid plans…

Kenny was a very spirited, energetic Belgian Malinois/Great Dane mix puppy. Looking back, I was probably not experienced enough for this wonderful pup, but I am so happy that I stuck with his training and that I found Jody – I could not have done it without her. She taught me how to lovingly teach him how to be polite. He is almost 5 years old now and I have never regretted getting him and loved going through training together. I say together because it is a joint journey and if you let it happen, your dog will teach you things along the way. He has turned out to be an incredibly sweet, smart, and polite young dog and in addition to loving him, I am very proud of him. I am always told that he is well behaved – what mom doesn’t want to hear that?”

Peggy Hough


“Jody’s training and problem solving abilities are awesome and her work really enhances the human – canine relationship. “

Nancy P.


“We contracted with Jody as a presenter for our educational activities during our Entlebucher Mountain Dog National Specialty. I was so impressed with Jody! We hired her for her expertise, positive approach to problem solving and getting results in dog training… we received so much more. Jody took the time and made the effort to prepare relevant, powerful information that was personalized for the needs of our group. As a co-chair for the event I found Jody flexible, helpful and easy to work in putting together her program. I was able to watch and receive feedback from participants that she was a popular presenter because she was so easy to talk to, versatile, patient and dynamic in working with a variety of owners and their dogs regarding behavior questions and challenges. Jody offered great insights and observations while giving people wonderful hints and tips to improve their relationship with their dog. I received many compliments and thank yous for bringing her to our event and would highly recommend her services!”

Joyce MacKay, National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association 2012 Specialty Co-Chair


“We adopted a young & energetic Scottie from a shelter. Connor came with a fair amount of ‘resource guarding baggage’ around food and toys. After months his behaviors created significant tension and concerns in our home. We knew that we needed some intensive help with turning him around and the real possibility of whether his aggressiveness would require euthanasia had to be realistically weighed. Jody and her phenomenal approach empowered us to take control and change Connor’s behaviors. It wasn’t until our work together that I could allow myself to begin to love Connor—I wasn’t sure he was going to be around—Jody saved Connor’s life and paved the way for us to unconditionally return his love. He is a much happier boy and we’re a significantly happier family!”

Michele Geiger-Bronsky, Baileys Harbor, WI


“Jody gets great results in her positive way of training.”

Larry & Peggy Koeppen Shetland Sheepdog Owner


“Jody is extremely knowledgeable about animal behavior … she teaches you how to change the undesirable behavior and reinforce the good behavior. Her in-home consultations are affordable, effective and convenient. Our house is definitely a lot calmer and happier since we started working with Jody.”

Bob Small, Beth Kirk-Small Field Spaniel, Lab-mix owners


“Jody is an exceptional trainer who exhibits great patience, a lot of magic and is full of resources and ideas to help you and your dog!”

Liz LaFuze Cairn Terrier owner


“We needed help with our 4-year-old Boxer’s separation anxiety. Jody provided us with the insight into his behavior and gave us recommendations on how we could help him. Working with Jody has been wonderful for our family.”

Jeff & Ursula Jepsen Boxer owners


Jody is an incredible trainer. She will teach you to see what your dog is telling you and, more importantly, to see what you are telling your dog in body language, breathing and movement. As the mother of rescue dogs, I am continually amazed at how what she has taught me about myself and my dogs helps us in everyday life. We think she is one of the finest trainers to walk this earth!”

Barbara Ulrich German Shepherd Dog, Siberian Husky owner


“I enjoy the small classes at Pawsitive Directions because I receive training tailored to my dog, which makes the classes highly productive and fun. Jody gives me knowledgeable advice, and then allows me to decide what I am most comfortable with and what is best for us. I have learned how to be vigilant of my dog and her abilities while gaining insight on how to set us both up for success, even when the unexpected happens. The quality of life for everyone in my family has improved because of the skills I have learned in Jody’s classes.”

Cathy Lehrer – Franzen


“Jody is our dog guru. Over the years she has helped us resolve and prevent a myriad of canine issues. Thanks to a few private lessons with Jody, our 12 year old Airedale with aggressive tendencies could once again be around other dogs and people. Jody’s puppy kindergarten and manners classes launched our puppy into a happy, sociable adulthood. She also helped us successfully introduce a rescue dog into the family. Jody is kind, just, firm and knowledgeable. Her solutions are workable. Best of all, our dogs love her.”

Chuck and Mary Stusek


“Watching my dogs chew their rawhide tonight made me think of you…nine years ago we adopted Lennie, a Lab mix. When we adopted him he was food aggressive and he and our other Lab played too rough. You patiently worked with us and Lennie has become an amazing dog.”

Jennifer Guequierre Johnson


“Six months ago we fell in love with a feisty, motherless Bichon/Shih Tzu mix we call Koko. The groomer could hardly touch him and he cooperated only if it was his idea. Our veterinarian recommended Jody and her positive approach to behavior changes. After a consult, practicing exercises, luring with treats and two manners classes we are developing a beautiful lap dog. We now have a “teddy bear” that has been successfully groomed twice and looks forward to further classes and socializing at Pawsitive Directions.”

Chris and Robert L Weston, MD,FACP

“Behavioral issues need time to understand, time to make an accurate diagnosis, and even more time to correct. They are often best dealt with on a house-call basis, so the home environment and interactions with family members can be observed. It is a joy to have Ms. Hergert-Andresen in the community and to refer my patients to her because I know they will be in competent, compassionate and skillful hands. I love the reports Jody sends to my office to update me on the dog’s progress and the techniques she is using. She stays current with behavioral research and continuing education. She is kind, effective and the consummate professional. I have been consistently pleased by the quality and success of Jody’s consultations with my clients.”

Heidi A. Burnett, DVM Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners